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Steve Maynard - Chiropractic Patient Success Story - Herriman, Utah
Chiropractor 5 Star Reviews


Literally dozens of doctors told me that there was nothing more that they could do for my back pain…some even told me to just expect to be in a wheel chair. I went from being among the top 1% physically fit in the army Special Forces to being in so much pain that I could not even tie my shoe or hold my new daughter. I tried everything from physical therapy to drugs for over 5 years, but nothing worked. Finally, I went to Dr. Smith and I did his Spinal Decompression and Laser Treatment.  I improved exactly as he told me I would. I couldn’t believe it! My wife cried “I have my husband back!”  - Steve M.

Matthew D. Smith DC Family Photo; South Jordan Chiropractor



My name is Matthew Smith. I would like to introduce myself and invite you to visit us at our brand new, renovated location at 10434 South 4000 West in South Jordan, Utah.

Throughout my career I have worked with NFL players, College Football Player, auto accident victims, members of the U.S. Ski Team, hundreds of mothers who lift up kids all day long, people entering their golden years, friends and family members, and people of all walks of life that want to restore their former active lifestyles. While I have treated pain in every part of the body, I have increasingly specialized in eliminating the most debilitating pain of all ---back pain.

I am proud to say that since chiropractic school, in my 18 years of practice, I have had close to a 90 percent success rate eliminating back pain. In most cases this has resulted in long-term relief.

If you are suffering from back pain, and have not seen me yet, I want to make it as easy as possible for you to feel great again. For just $27 and the 15 minutes it takes to fill out our intake form, you will be on your way to becoming pain free.  And if you have insurance, or need financing, no problem; we will help figure out all of that for you.

We look forward to meeting you,

Dr. Smith

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    In cases where you don't have insurance and your business or work depends on you getting and staying well, we can make arrangements for financing with Care Credit or Mountain America Credit Union so that you can get back to life-as-normal sooner, than later.

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    Lower Back Pain

    Auna Turner in Draper, Utah- Chiropractic Review - Lower Back Pain
    Chiropractor 5 Star Reviews


    I can only begin to tell you how wonderful Elite Performance really is! I was experiencing some major lower back and neck pain, but was nervous about going to a chiropractor because, well, it's pricey and rather risky if you don't see a professional. But THANK GOODNESS I found Elite Performance! Dr. Matthew Smith really does focus on trying to make his patients feel better. They take x-rays before, during, and after to monitor progress, and they are so incredibly friendly! They really do strive to make your life more livable again, and to not just make it feel better for a little while, but to help it actually heal. I honestly love it here, and recommend Elite Performance to anyone who is looking to feel and be better

    Chiropractic Review - Lower Back Pain
    Chiropractor 5 Star Reviews


    I was discouraged in my training as a cyclist due to pain in my lower back and was ready to hang it up. After a consultation with Dr. Matt Smith he not only told me to keep the bike out but that he'd have me running a marathon in a year. Well, a year later I ran my first marathon and have run several since including a 50 mile ultra-marathon. I'm grateful to Dr. Smith for not only the treatments that turned things around, but also the support and encouragement I needed when a future in endurance sports seemed bleak.

    Upper Back Pain

    Chiropractor Review - Best Chiropractor after a year search
    Chiropractor 5 Star Reviews


    Dr. Smith and his staff are excellent! Dr. Smith is very knowledgeable and was able to finally figure out what was wrong with my back! I have been in pain for a year now and after a full year of chiropractic adjustments that haven't helped, I finally have hope that it will get better! I'm so grateful that I found him!

    Abigail Richardson Holladay, UT; Severe Back Pain Chiropractic Review
    Chiropractor 5 Star Reviews


    I have struggled with severe back pain since starting my cosmetology journey. After just one visit, my back is starting to feel so much better. The staff is so helpful and kind, as well as Dr. Smith. I am a very inquisitive person, and they answered all my questions and didn’t make me feel stupid. Definitely coming back!

    Sciatica Nerve Pain

    Ruth Lowe Sandy, Utah; Chiropractic Review
    Chiropractor 5 Star Reviews


    After months of suffering with back pain that radiated to my leg I was so grateful to the treatment and healing offered. It made sense to try a multi approach instead of just one. It took about 2 months to heal. 5+ years later I am still pain free. It use to hurt to sit, stand, and lay down. Thank God for Dr. Smith and his work.

    Chiropractic Review - Back Pain Radiatig Through Sciatica down into the Leg
    Chiropractor 5 Star Reviews


    I was able to see Dr. Smith after some major lower back pain that had started traveling into my legs. Once I started my therapy he had quickly identified the issue and got me back cycling and running in no time. He not only fixed quickly, but it has now been over a year with no pain! Thanks Dr. Smith.

    Blown Disc / Herniated Disc

    Hannah Jayne Alpine Utah Back Pain Chiropractic Review
    Chiropractor 5 Star Reviews


    They were very pleasant to work with. Very kind staff, Dr Smith is amazing, and very easy to schedule with. He also was able to find sources of my pain that has been bothering for years, while other doctors in the past have not. I’m very excited to keep working with him in the future!

    Chiropractor Review - Lower Back Pain
    Chiropractor 5 Star Reviews


    I first went to see Dr. Smith after seeing his flyers in the mail offering two visits. I had been experiencing lower back problems for a few years with only temporary relief from other chiropractors. I decided that the offer was good and I wouldn't be out anything if it didn't work. Dr. Smith was able to diagnose the cause, and after a few months of therapy my back was so much better. I have been a patient now for a number of years. I have found Dr. Smith and his staff to be professional, kind, and helpful.

    Auto Injury Related Back Pain

    Sherry Helm South Jordan Auto Injury 5-star chiropractic review
    Chiropractor 5 Star Reviews


    I'M SO GRATEFUL to have found Dr. Matt Smith and his team! I was hurt from and auto accident and I would recommend him to everyone. He takes the time to thoroughly diagnose you and makes sure you receive the proper treatments. He genuinely cares how you feel and will get you to your optimal performance. The laser therapy helps instantly with pain. Scheduling is easy and they are accommodating to your needs. It's a calming atmosphere and his staff are all AMAZING. They are all personable with great personalities.

    Lower Back Customer Review; South Jordan Chiropractor
    Chiropractor 5 Star Reviews


     I got in a car wreck and was afraid to choose a chiropractor because backs can be scary and get messed up if you don't have an expert working on you. I'm SO glad I found Dr. Matthew Smith. They take x-rays before and after to monitor your progress. They have state of the art lumbar and cervical decompression machines as well as this amazing deep tissue laser that increases your ability to heal and decreases your pain while feeling like a warm massage. It's basically amazing. My pain was gone within 2-3 visits, and then I continued to go for several more months to finish healing my neck and lower back.

    I never had to worry about my auto insurance. They took care of everything for me, which saved me so much time and stress after my car accident. Thank you guys so much!

    Alternative to Back Surgery

    Chiropractic Review - Alternative to Surgery
    Chiropractor 5 Star Reviews


    I was told I would have to have surgery and have four vertebrae fused together. Another Dr. told me that they could not help me any further. I found Dr. Smith, and he told me he could definitely help me, I was skeptical, so I asked lots of questions. He said I was not the worst case he had seen but close. I am so happy to be able to get around again and be back to work with a pain free back. I am able to do things that I could not do for over 20 years. I a so thankful to Dr. Smith for his help. I recommend him to everyone I talk to with back problems.


    Scoliosis - Chiropractic Patient - West Jordan, Utah
    Chiropractor 5 Star Reviews


    5 years ago I started to experience back pain and when I moved back to Utah I began to experience excruciating pain when ever I ran and it started to happen while I was walking around campus. I worried my scoliosis might have progressed and I would need the rods which would mean no more horseback riding. I finally made an appointment at Elite Performance Health Center and met with Dr. Smith. Such a cool guy and he took the time listen to what was going on. He didn’t do the usual 5 minute, back to back appointment time slots. Turns out my scoliosis is right where we left it, but my lumbar vertebrae don’t have the curve you like to see and then it’s over compensating where it meets my sacrum. This explains why I haven't been able to run in years and the painful pinching I’ve been experiencing! He also came up with a very doable (and inexpensive) 4 month plan to get my spine where it needs to be (so I don’t get a herniated disk) without surgery and keep it that way! I definitely can’t recommend him enough!

    Scoliosis Patient from Sandy, Utah - Pain Relief Solution
    Chiropractor 5 Star Reviews


    After the initial visit, I started a program to help with my scoliosis, tailbone and back pain, neck pain. After 3 months, my results are incredible! My scoliosis has improved over 10 degrees. I'm SO grateful I found this place!